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Frostburg, MD 21532
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Frostburg Lions Members Center:
Activities & Project...
The Frostburg Lions Club, and its individual members, take the Lions motto
WE SERVE very seriously.  The activities we sponsor, and those we are
involved with, are many and diverse.  

Please note below the many and diverse projects we are involved in.  You
can contact any Lion by going to our
"Contact Us"  page, and sending thema

You can also see a more indepth review of our programs and projects by
Administrative Committees
Club Song Leaders
Lion Lorian, John, Liz
Club Visitations / Visiting Lions
Lions Leon, Edge, Linda, - Lions One & All
Church Relations / Cleanup & Project Cleanup
Lions Linda, Butch, Vicki, Susan F. - Lions
One & All
Correspondence, Publications & Club Records
Lion Linda - Lions One & All
F.S.U. Disability Office Liaison (endowment)
Lions Cindy, Dolores
Fund Raising: Internal - Club 33 & More
Lions Susan M., Vicki, Cindy - Lions One &
LCIF Coordinator
Lion Susan M.
Lions Building
Lions Bill, Susan M., Cindy, Dolores, Linda -
Lions One & All
Lion Tamer, Greeter / Setup "The Fixer"
Lions Linda
Meals & Meeting Setup
Lion Linda, Lions One & All
Meeting Programs (speakers)
Lions Lorian, Edge, Linda, - Lions One & All
Membership, Attend. & Lions Ed., 1 Gets
Lions Susan M.- Lions One & All
Nominating (Officers, Melvin Jones, & Lion
Tina  Award)
Lions Edge, Cindy & Linda
Paw Power
Lions Susan M., Cindy, Linda & Lions One &
Picnic (Annual July Picnic - 2018 - 62th Picnic)
Lions Linda, Tom, Susan F., Edge, John &
Lions One And All
Public Relations
Lions One & All
Lion Edge, Cindy, Linda
Tail Twister
Lion Leon
Web Site
Lion Bill
Zone/Region/District/International Relations
Lions Bill, Linda, Susan M.
Community Service & Project Committees
Alert: Emergency Preparedness
Lions Cindy, Dolores, Pat - Lions One & All
Ark of Hope Animal Rescue Projects
Lions Linda, Susan M., Cindy, Carla &
Basketball Program / Ads / Tournament
Lions Elmer, Bill, Cindy, Dolores, Susan M.-
Lions One & All
Box Tops For Education
Lions Susan M., Linda Lions One & All
Christmas Family Adoption
Lions Vicki, Linda, Lorian, Cindy, Dolores,
Coats For Kids (and Adults) Clothing Collection
Lions Linda, John, Susan M., Merry,
Amanda, & All
Environment (Tree Planting, Cleanup Etc)
Lion Bob, John, Tom, Edge, Lions One & All
Farmers Market Project(s)
Lions Linda, Tom, Liz, Butch, John - Lions
One & All
Flintsone Lions Club
Lions Susan M. & Bill
Frostburg Area Summer Lunch Box
Lions Susan M., Bill, Vicki, Liz, Linda, John,
Carla  Plus All
Frostburg Food Pantry (Adm. Support)
Lion Vicki - Lions One & All
Frostburg Gives a Stick
Lion Bob, Cindy - Lions One & All
F.S.U. Campus Lions Partnership
Lions Susan M., Bill - Lions One & All
Fund Raising: Public - 50/50, Raffles & Etc.  
Lions Susan M., Cindy, Linda - Lions One &
Fund Raising: Public - Community Donation
Lions Tom, Cindy - Lions One & All
Fund Raising: General
Lions One & All (Lion Cindy)
Hunger Programs: Food Collection & Jan./July
Food Drive
Lions Vicki, Lorian, John, Bob, Carla,
Amanda  - Lions All
Leader Dog
Lions Linda, Leon, Cindy - Lions One & All
Literature Distribution (Vision & Emergency)
Lions Bill, - Lions One & All
Literature Distribution - One on One Packets
Lions Dolores, Cindy - Lions One & All
Lions Literacy Program
Lions Susan M., Bill, Linda - Lions One & All
LVRF (Wilmer Eye Institute)
Lions Liz, Butch - Lions One & All
Medical Eye Bank of Maryland
Lions Liz, Butch - Lions One & All
Military: Soldier - Family Adoption
Lions Tom, Bob, Cindy, Merry, Bill, Susan M,
Linda & Lions All
Neighbor Helping Neighbor (Adm. Support)
Lions Liz, Butch, John (Lions One & all)
Peace Poster
Lions Bob, John, Lions One & All
Toys For Happiness
Lions Edge, Lorian, Linda, Vicki, John,
Carla  - Lions One & All
Recycle: Recycling Programs
Lions One & All
Recycling: Glasses
Lions Marty, Susan F.- Lions One & All
Recycling: Toners / Cell Phones / Ink Cartridges
Lions Bill, Susan M, Cindy, Dolores & Larry -
Lions One & All
Sight Conservation (Glasses Purchase)
Lions Linda, Cindy, Dolores, Liz, Susan F.
STRIDES,  Health & Wellness Initiative & Etc.  
Lions Liz, Butch, Lion Bill -  Lions One & All
Village Lions Branch Club  
Lions Linda, Fred, Lions One & All
Vision Screening
Lions Linda, Tom, Merry, Susan M., Cindy &
Lions One & All
Youth Sports & Youth Programs
Lions Elmer, Tom, Cindy - Lions One & All