Frostburg Lions Club
P.O.Box 371
Frostburg, MD 21532
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Frostburg Lions Club
P.O.Box 371
Frostburg, MD 21532
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Frostburg Lions Fund Raising Projects
Frostburg Lions Club
P.O.Box 371
Frostburg, MD 215332
Frostburg Lions conducts several fund raising efforts each year.  We have very strict guidelines on
how money raised can be spend.   Our rule of thumb is:
any money raised from the public, must
be spend on the public.
 There are no fees, administrative costs and etc.  100% is returned to the
community, through our many projects and programs.

Without community support of our fund raising efforts, we would not be able to the many things we
do.  We very much appreciate the community support we receive.  

Frostburg Lions is a 501(c)3 organization for tax purposes - donations are tax deductible.  

Donations can be mailed to:
Fund Raising Projects & Programs

Donation Cans:  Many businesses around Frostburg permit us to place "donation cans" on their
counters to receive direct cash donations from the public.  We collect these funds on a regular basis.

Fall Yard Sale:  We conduct a fall "yard sale" at Zion UCC on Main Street in September.  All funds
raised from the project go directly to
Lions Camp Merrick.  Camp Merrick is a summer camp for
diabetic children.

Annual Basketball Tournament:  Each spring we hold a Maryland vs West Virginia high school
basketball tournament for high school seniors.  We sponsor both boys and girls games.  Funds are
raised through admission to the games and ad sales for the program.  We produce the largest
printed program of its kind in Western Maryland.

Annual March Madness 50/50:  We start selling tickets for this raffle in November, culminating in a
drawing in March.  The winner receives 1/2 of all funds raised.  
Prize 2019: $283.00

Box Tops For Education:  This is what we call "alternative fund raising" - we collect box tops for
education, which have a cash value for schools.  Each year we give what we have collected to our
Frostburg elementary schools on a rotating basis.  Click
"here" and you can print a Box Tops for
Education savings sheet.

Direct Donations:  Frostburg Lions accepts direct donations from the community as well.  

Recycling:  We recycle cell phones, computer ink cartridges and other small electronic devises and
receive payment for them from national recyclers who purchase them from us.  We have been doing
this for 10 years.

Additional Fund Raising Projects:  We raise funds by other means as projects are presented.  
Funds are also collected at food drives and pet food drives - which go directly to the beneficiary of
that project.

Please use the form below to contact us regarding our fund rasing, making donations, or other
financial questions.
Your name:
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